We empower organizations to make tough decisions and solve the world’s most critical problems.

We partner with leaders and organizations around the world to make data-driven decisions easier and more effective. Our work helps build a world with smarter cities, happier citizens, better policies, and a brighter future.


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We are a data intelligence company

It's all too easy to talk about how much data is available today. But using it — that's a whole other question. Most organizations struggle to get the data they need, bring all their data to one place, and get the insights they need from their data quickly and easily. Data intelligence is the solution. Our platform makes it easier for anyone to get their hands on the data they need and use it to do the best work of their lives.

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Our platform stands up to any challenge

No matter whether you're designing a national health scheme, opening new stores, or investing in female empowerment initiatives, you need data to make your final decision. Our platform helps any organization use data intelligence to go from mountains of data to a better decision in no time.

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We're proud to partner with diverse governments, businesses, philanthropies, and nonprofits.

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Our purpose drives us

Our mission isn't a trivial statement that we forgot five minutes after we wrote it. It is our North Star, guiding everything from our annual strategy to our daily tasks. It drives which challenges we tackle, what technology we build, and even the future of our company.

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