Strategic Giving Solution For Philanthropies

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Create targeted, sustained and data-driven impact

The Strategic Giving Solution developed by SocialCops helps nonprofits, funders and philanthropies move away from the traditional form of giving to one that's smarter, measurable and more data-driven.

With a data-driven picture of any target sector or focus area, philanthropies can identify critical gaps, prioritize target geographies, and decide on a specific intervention to get the highest social return on their investment.

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All the insights you need in one view

To create long-lasting impact for generations to come, development simply cannot happen in silos, across scattered geographies, programs or initiatives.

Our strategic giving solution brings together all the insights needed to make a decision with the highest impact, by unifying data for different focus areas in a single sector or across different sectors — in one single view.

Adopt a data-driven philanthropic strategy

  • Zoom into target districts, state or countries on a map.
  • Evaluate where you need to go to create the highest impact.
  • Learn what the existing gaps are across a particular focus area.
  • Prioritize which problems you are best placed to solve.
  • Decide how you can solve a specific problem in a specific area.

A wealth of data for any target sector or focus area



Income And Assets

  • Population
  • Birth and death rates
  • Gender by age and location
  • Occupation and education
  • Deposits and savings
  • Individual credits
  • Growth and inflation rates
  • Employment and unemployment rates
  • Production and investment by industry
  • Consumer behavior and purchases
  • Production, import, and export by commodity
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Employment and income
  • Household assets and amenities
  • Consumer expenditure
  • Deposits and credit
  • Purchasing power


Health & Nutrition


  • School infrastructure
  • Teacher-student ratios
  • Enrollment and retention rates
  • Classroom-student ratios
  • Universities
  • Vocational institutes
  • Disease outbreak
  • Healthcare infrastructure
  • Pregnancy and mortality rates
  • BMI, anaemia, and fertility rates
  • Maternal and child malnutrition
  • Retail shops and industries
  • ATMs and banks
  • Fire stations
  • Chemists and doctors
  • Schools and universities
  • LPG centers
  • Government offices
  • Petrol pumps


Government Schemes


  • Crop productivity and coverage
  • Real-time mandi prices
  • Female cultivators and laborers
  • Financial access for farmers
  • Agricultural households
  • Land holdings
  • PMJDY coverage
  • Self-help group coverage
  • Livestock services
  • Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Pahal DTBL scheme
  • Give It Up and LPG subsidies
  • UJALA and GARV village electrification
  • Jansuraksha scheme
  • Anganwadi infrastructure and availability
  • Air pollution measurements
  • Tourism and visas
  • Direct tax collection
  • Name frequency by age
  • Legislative and budget data
  • Highway and road networks
  • And more!


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