Powerful Solutions for Governments

Powerful Solutions for Governments

Make data-driven governance a breeze by unifying every important piece of data in one place.
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Our platform powers data-driven governance across local, state, and national governments around the world.

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Government of India

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Government of Guatemala

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Royal Malaysian Police

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Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

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Government of Uttar Pradesh

Real-time data — from the field to your fingertips

Set up the most complex data collection application in minutes — no coding required. Then let your field staff collect data on low-cost Android phones or tablets without internet.

Check out how our platform drives one of the largest social welfare schemes in the world

For the first time, it was possible for us to assess the scheme on a pan-India level... SocialCops was instrumental in assessing, analyzing and interpreting the data with high accuracy.

Dharmendra Pradhan
Dharmendra Pradhan

Cabinet Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas

Government of India
View by ministry or theme
Review plans for each ministry
Assess progress toward goals
Add new metrics

Track department action plans across multiple ministries

  • View Department Action Plans for each ministry, or multiple plans grouped by theme.

  • Each Department's Action Plans can be viewed in a single page, to assess progress at a glance.

  • Department Officials can view their joint progress toward quantitative targets.

  • As Department Action Plans change, officials can add new metrics or action points to all levels of a dashboard.

Leverage the power of data without taking time from your most important work — driving change.

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Identify clusters for development
Query and identify focus areas
View comprehensive profiles

Drill down to any geography

  • Mapping makes it easy to find hidden patterns, such as the link between distance to the river and toilet use.

  • Decision makers can create queries like “villages with no bus stations and population > 5,000 people”.

  • All the data — healthcare, education, infrastructure and more — is made available through interactive charts.

When you have numbers, figures and data in front of you, you stop shooting in the dark.

Ashutosh Salil, IAS
Ashutosh Salil, IAS

District Collector, Chandrapur

Government of Maharashtra

Communicate your data to the public

Promote transparency and communicate your impact through beautiful graphs and charts. Use static visualizations for reports or interactive ones to engage with the public.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for how our DISHA dashboard will drive good governance in India

See our government solutions in action

One important player in creating a data-centric culture in government is the technology partner. That's the role SocialCops has been playing, and it's a relationship we value a lot. Once we decide what the goals of the survey are, SocialCops helps us host it on mobile devices, manage the back end, analyze the data, and finally visualize it such that the decision maker can see exactly what he needs to.

Leaders around the world have embraced data intelligence to power data-driven governance.

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